'Life-affirming and uplifting - a great premise for a show and expertly delivered. More like this please!



'Great fun. Ms. Coffey is fully believable as our hostess. Got everybody engaged, laughing and dancing'



'This was the most brilliant, funny, profound, celebratory, mother and daughter, time travelling thing! Anything that can make me and my 15 year old dance and laugh like drains together is well worth the ticket price. I’m a new fangirl for Fiona Coffey, I’ll look out for her in future. Asha Cluer was perfect as Honey’s high flying daughter too. I give it 5 stars.'



'A joy from beginning to end - we smiled and laughed throughout. Honey is a perfect hostess and we really loved being included in her party. Highly recommended.'



This is such a fun show - lighthearted from the start and positive messages throughout. Honey's Happening is the place to be! Cannot recommend it highly enough!



The epitome of a feel good fringe show and completely different to every other show you’ll see!



Honey's Happening is one of the best shows I've seen at this festival! The two amazing women who perform this show deserve an award for their amazing performances and stunningly beautiful and fun portrayal of the women from the 1960's! Absolutely 10/10 without a doubt!!!